A journey to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, to experience some of the most powerful healing & mind-expanding traditions of the indigenous shamans of Peru.  Transform body, mind & spirit and awaken to your full potential!

​You always wanted to experience ayahuasca in her native environment but you're too nervous about travelling to the jungle alone?  Worried you won't find an authentic shaman or feel safe & supported through the process with someone who knows the ropes?  

Retreat facilitator, Kari Barron, is a compassionate teacher with a wonderful array of experience, wisdom & tools to help provide a smooth journey into this profound transformational work with the grandmother medicine.  The Master plants are one of the greatest tools we have for awakening humanity at this time.  Ayahuasca can help us to open new doors in ourselves, enabling us to resolve painful wounds, spark creativity and new ideas, and gain profound awareness into the essence of reality and consciousness. This is an invitation to step into the power & divinity of your own heart and remember truly who you are.  If you are hearing the call, it's time to answer!


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"​This is definitely not an adventure for everyone but ... for those who have heard and are heeding the call ... Kari is someone who can lead you into this profound experience with the tools, resources and support that make the different between a smooth rite of passage and a turbulent, storm-tossed, descent. Kari brings her experience and wisdom accumulated over many years working alongside various masters and she openly shares that which others keep closely guarded in order to create a seamless journey between the known and the (as yet) unknown. I highly recommend doing this as part of Kari's group." - Ashley, USA​

"A deep and rich immersion, i would highly recommend this retreat to any wishing to explore the potent and profound gifts these plant medicines and their facilitators have to bring and share. The integration. treasures and Icaros reverberate long after leaving and the richness of the Amazonian Jungle and all her creatures infuse the heart and soul on an expansive level. Thank you to Kari and The team at Nihue Rao, A beautiful centre with integrity and authenticity, Such powerful work these Curandero's and Maestros are Gifting to those with the courage to dive deep" - Briony, Australia

​"Had an amazing experience and Kari is a great facilitator. This was my first experience travelling outside of Australia and to my surprise I felt at home at Nihue Rao and decided to extend my stay from 12 days to 5 weeks. During that time I have made many changes and realised a lot about myself and others. I have found the confidence that was hidden inside of me, buried under layers of trauma and social/religious manipulation. I feel so much centered & happy now. The only regret is that I did not do this sooner." - Daniel, Australia

"My journey with the Medicine in Peru was the most powerful experience of my life.. By far! I feel a true sense of being blessed, to have experienced such an intimate and deeply healing interaction with Ayahuasca. It's been 2 weeks back home after the ceremonies. I have been having absolutely pivotal shifts in my understanding and awareness of who I really am, which continue to deepen. My energy body and how I feel at an energetic level has changed deeply too. It is like the last 20 years of spiritual yearning and seeking, has cracked open to let the essence of my soul to become present in me. My connection to Spirit and my soul has changed so much. I am still deeply processing and opening to the healings, with an underlying excitement and anticipation to see how life shifts and grows with my changing consciousness. To be honest this experience really tested me, and I was so glad to have the support of Kari and our group to help me through, it was so helpful. Kari is a wonderful and heart felt pillar of strength. In a nutshell, Ayahuasca with Ricardo and his team of shamans in Peru, is an opportunity for true healing beyond that which words could say." - Glyn, Australia 

"Doing a plant dieta was an empowering experience. The support and tools give by Kari were of great assistance. I feel doing a dieta with the guidance of someone who has had experience is invaluable especially for those new to this type of work. Kari was always available through out the process for guidance and support. It was also great to have the company and support of the group. Anyone who is open to this type of work, I would have no hesitation in recommending the integrity, Care and compassion that Kari gives through the process." - Andy, Australia

​"Mumma ayahuasca called and i decided to listen!  The magical experience will be in my heart for some time to come.  I have so much gratitude for the team at Nihae Rao and the gifted shamans who all create the safe and nurturing environment in which to journey into otherworldly realms. The retreat is well maintained, rooms are simple yet more than comfortable.  And as a facilitator, Kari helped make the process better, her workshops were perfect and i feel i had all the tools needed to journey in a safe and supported manner, she is very caring and there to talk about what is coming to the surface for you.  And if you have done any research into ayahuasca you would know that some retreats don't offer the full support needed. I would highly recommend this incredible mystical healing process if you hear the call." - Rob, Australia

"Wow where to start, what an experience of a lifetime - from the kambo session all the way to the lovely retreat center in the amazon jungle. This whole experience really took me on a deep and spiritual journey I never thought was possible. Kari was a great facilitator giving all the guidance and support anyone could ever ask for. She helped me through this personal journey with wonderful teachings and it was very well organised. If the calling is there, I couldn't think of any other person to go with." - Jeremiah, Australia 

"I highly recommend Kari to lead you on your Amazonian adventure, especially if its your first time venturing to the Peruvian jungle. For anyone contemplating a journey to the Amazon to experience the sacred plant energies for themselves, I couldn't imagine a better guide than Kari. She has a passion for sharing the amazing healing on all levels that journeying with Ayahuasca can bring. Nihue Rao is a first class spiritual retreat with a great atmosphere, and we were all made to feel very welcome. To have someone with us who had been through it many times before was invaluable for the group. With a great deal of experience, Kari is well placed to provide guidance to you during the retreat. Her calm and reassuring presence definitely made us all relax into the experience. Thanks for everything Kari." - Simon, New Zealand

"A sacred journey for healing, awakening and aligning to this precious earth in which we sit upon. Is one way I can describe my experience on the sacred land of South America. As I spiritual healer and teacher for the past 14 years I have worked in many realms healing, transforming and aligning to the I am. Finally my healing journey took me to the Shamans of Peru for a journey way beyond anything I could of dreamed, a life changing experience! " - Devi Ma,  Spiritual Teacher;  Australia

"Fair Dinkum!!! What an amazing trip of expansion!!! From the bottom of my heart I feel a deep gratitude for answering the call to participate in this work with you Kari... You made it all incredibly relaxed and easy! This trip has left a deep impression on my soul... You attracted such a beautiful, international, group of fine people... I feel a lasting connection with all of them... I'm sure that I will go on to achieve my dreams, as long as I maintain the courage to dream them... I can still hear the Icaros... My heart is wide open... 
Prior to this Journey, many spiritual friends had told me that I could heal myself... My western upbringing had seen me give my healing power over to doctors and I simply didn't believe in my own power... When I asked Maestro Ricardo for support to heal my ear, I really didn't think it was possible... Following the first couple of ceremonies, he seemed confused that I hadn't healed it and he sang his heart out at the next one... This helped me to change my perspective and believe - "Maybe I can heal it???"... I will never forget the feeling when he was singing my personal Icaros during the third ceremony and all of a sudden I could hear his voice softly resonating in my previously deaf ear... The next day, at the integration session, I can remember being so excited, astounded and profusely thankful to him for healing me... He found this amusing as he took it in his stride, matter of factly offered his congratulations and explained that he and the medicine had just supported me to create the conditions to do my own healing... I had done it... This appears to be part of the "secret" of this work... It helps create the conditions for us to really look at whatever we need to look at... It certainly wasn't all butterflies and daisies... Some of what I looked at was particularly confronting... I felt so much healing in those short weeks... Going deep into every part of myself and emerging whole... At peace with who I am and where I am at..." - David, Australia

​"The Spirit of the Amazon retreat was an adventure of a lifetime. Kari was an awesome facilitator...she made me feel safe & supported travelling to Peru and working with the medicine the first time. Nihue Rao is an amazing place with great shamans; it was so very peaceful and supportive .  I would definitely recommend this retreat for anyone interested in changing their life." - Ebony, Australia

​​​"This has truly been one of the best experiences of my life.   I was extremely satisfied with the whole process. The retreat facilitators & staff were knowledgeable, welcoming and kind.  I felt truly blessed to sit with all of the Shaman, and powerfully affected by their Icaros.  The group attending the retreat was great and some of my favorite times were during the integration sessions.  I found it to be very beneficial hearing everyone's insights. The medicine is a powerful healer, and anyone who is looking to profoundly examine their own existence can benefit. I continue to experience the healing from the medicine, and feel she is part of my soul. Thank you Kari for making it such a smooth experience!" - Brad, Canada

"I have had an immense pleasure being on a medicine retreat with Kari. What she brought to the sacred space is not measurable, it is entirely, positively, immeasurable. With her insights,  perceptive clarity and teachings,  she ignited light and love in the space. I am looking forward to the next journey with her." - TJ, Canada 

"After years of longing to go to Peru, but feeling intimidated by the choices and unsure where to begin, I was so glad to find Kari. She was a great companion to have on this journey and in all of my jitters leading up to it. The shamans and retreat centre were wonderful and I felt safe, supported and comfortable. I was well looked after by the kind and knowledgeable staff, who provided nourishing meals, a clean and inviting space, counselling, advice and reassurance, and of course, very good medicine. Thanks to the staff and shamans, I connected deeply with the plants and did some profound healing work. After such a nice first trip to Peru, I feel empowered to go back as soon as I can. Thanks Kari!" - Joanna, Canada                                                        

"To be honest, there are not enough words to explain the gratitude and love I have for Mother Ayahuasca. I have been actively searching out practices and experiences that ultimately lead to the greater truth, and truth is the best word I can use to describe the Aya experience. She has, in many regards changed my life. She has given my heart breath again. She is a great teacher and healer who may not always give you what you want, but will always give you what you need. In these days of great awakening and change ayahuasca is a powerful ally and companion to help open our hearts and guides us in the direction of love. If you are hearing the call, answer, it is time!" - Chris, Canada

Mystical Tours With Ayahuasca in Peru

​"I heard the call to connect with the Grandmother medicine for sometime and felt sure I wanted to meet her in Peru. I met Kari and became aware of the retreat she facilitated in Iquitos and immediately knew this would be who I would journey with for my first experiences.  One of my best decisions ever made culminated in a beautiful group and setting in a centre with integrity as well as life changing experiences for me. I can't thank you enough Kari for holding our space with gentleness, humour, wise teachings and heartfelt love. Much Love and gratitude!"  - Nicole, Australia

​"Thank you Kari so very much for being such a huge blessing to me, as well as many others. You have divine gifts of healing and conveying the message of knowledge in a completely relatable and coherent way.  Your teachings and guidance made all the difference in working with the Mother.  My words of gratitude can never fully express the impact you made for me." - Melanie, USA

"Traveling to Peru with Kari and the amazing Ateam of beautiful people she brought together is definitely the most magical and deeply profound healing experiences of my life. Kari is an amazing guide and support structure for this kind of transformational work. The beautiful energy of Nihue Rao combined with the powerful master medicine work of Maestro Ricardo Amaringo and his team was truly life changing." - Jason, Australia

​"Kari is passionate and dedicated to this form of medicine.  She is a medicine woman who brings heart felt connection to every experience.  Kari is knowledgeable and experienced in the journey you will undertake." - Ruth Smith, Australia"

 Spirit of the Amazon